Financial Aid

External Scholarships

External organizations also provide assistance to our students. Students are encouraged to apply for these external awards, scholarships and/or bursaries. Application procedures and deadlines are specific to each one of these awards, so please confirm these details prior to applying.



Couponbirds "Help to Save" Scholarship"

To assist students in reducing their tuition fee burden and collect their smart ways of saving money, couponbirds started the Couponbirds "Help to Save" Scholarship program. The most sparkling idea and response will be drawn to present at our site and rewarded with prize.

Deadline: October 21, 2017   Learn more


eRowz (mother company) scholarship program

Just by submitting an essay and listing your academic achievements, you could win $2,000 towards your university or college scholarship. Open to all students who are interested in the study of personality type theory, are offering this chance to win to students on accredited graduate and undergraduate courses.

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ES-Zone Healthy Living Scholarship

ElectricSmokerZone and its team reviews food and kitchen products and our aim is to help users get insights on product before they choose to buy any. Our major aim is to help people know more about any product in the kitchen & cooking category before they buy, that is why we take time to review a lot of products giving our best to educate readers in our small community. And now we know how important food is to everyone, it is what we can’t do without which makes it an important topic that cannot be ignored. We on ES-Zone have created the Es-Zone Healthy Living Scholarship for undergraduates or post graduates and we are offering a $1000 award.

Deadline: January 31, 2017   Learn more


Fittous Scholarship

This scholarship is dedicated to full-time students who are currently enrolled in universities, colleges or high schools and who are committed to living a healthy lifestyle. Create an infographic about health, fitness or nutrition with a short 300-500 word essay explaining the infographic or research and create a 750-1000 words piece of content surrounding a topic within the fitness, health or wellbeing space.

Deadine: July 31, 2017   Learn more


Gaspard Keep Canada Green Scholarship Contest

At Gaspard, we are proud of our Canadian heritage. We are also extremely proud of our Canadian youth. After all, what good is a great country without bright and ambitious young contributors to help nurture and grow its magical legacy? Gaspard is once again hosting a cross-Canada online scholarship contest worthy of the imagination and intelligence of our environmentally savvy students. It is our way to help you succeed and to contribute to a happier and healthier world.

Deadline: April 7, 2017   Learn more


Grey Smoke Media Scholarship

Grey Smoke media believes in corporate social responsibility and the need to give back to youth pursuing a post-secondary education. As a result, we are pleased to offer an annual scholarship of $3,000 to a student enrolled in a post-secondary institution that is pursuing a career in any of the following fields of study:

  • Business Marketing;
  • Communications;
  • Liberal Arts;
  • Social sciences;

 Preference will be given to those students who have not started their first semester or are in their first or second year. To apply please fill out the form below including your personal details as well as 500-750 words telling us about an obstacle you have encountered in the past and how you overcame it.
Deadline: December 31, 2016   Learn more


HDDmag Scholarship Program

Aspiring to spread the word, we are opening our annual HDDmag scholarship program to young creative minds, who share the same passion with us. Our scholarship program is open to all students because you don’t have to be an expert with years of experience in storage field to create value to our readers. Everyone willing to apply can do some research, learn something new, write a good essay and win the scholarship award.

Deadline: June 1, 2017   Learn more


Indspire Awards

Indspire disburses bursaries and scholarships through its Building Brighter Futures program to Indigenous students who are enrolled in post-secondary programs. Since 1985, Indspire has disbursed bursaries and scholarships to First Nation, Inuit, and Métis post-secondary students. It is the largest funder for Indigenous education outside of the federal government.

Deadlines: Multiple   Learn more Working Parent College Scholarship Program

Are you a parent trying to balance work while attending university or some other higher learning institution? - See more at:

Are you a parent trying to balance work while attending unviersity or some other higher learning institution? Earn $1,000 to help offset the costs of gong to college!
Requirement: 600 to 1000 word essay: Discuss your experience as a parent working your way through school and explain three pieces of advice you would give to someone in a similar situation.

Deadline: December 10, 2016   Learn more Working Parent College Scholarship Program - See more at:


Lead Roster B2B Sales & Marketing Scholarship

The Lead Roster B2B Sales & Marketing Scholarship is a highly competitive award for high school and college students interested in sales & marketing. Unlike most scholarships which require a simple essay and "good luck" to win, the Lead Roster scholarship puts the tools for winning in your hands by judging your entry on your ability to market and sell your own ideas! Students applying must submit the URL of a video they've uploaded to YouTube where you explain, present, convince, inspire, entertain, market and/or sell us your reason why you deserve to win this scholarship. The video can be anything that you feel will compell us to choose your entry as long as it has "Lead Roster Scholarship" in the title and is publicly viewable.

Deadline: December 15, 2016    Learn more


Manualbirds Video Scholarship Program

The Manualbirds $500 Scholarship Program ("Program") is designed according to part of our commitment to support aspiring students. This program aims to provide financial assistance to students from around the world to help them continue higher education and live a better life in college.

Deadline: February 27, 2017   Learn more


Montem Health and Wellness Scholarship

Montem Outdoor Gear understands the importance of learning and practicing healthy habits. We have created the Montem Health and Wellness Scholarship for high school, undergraduate or postgraduate students who are committed to a lifetime of healthy habits to receive a $1,500 award.

Deadline: March 31, 2017 & September 30, 2017   Learn more


National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS) Financial Aid Portal

The National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS) is pleased to announce the availability of its new financial aid portal for students with disabilities:

With the support of the Canada Student Loan Program and the Office for Disability Issues, NEADS has developed a site containing over 300 scholarships, awards and bursaries specifically for post-secondary students with disabilities.


Parts Canada Trans Can Entrance Awards

Awarded to a student entering Canadore College in his or her first year of a Skilled Trades program, who participated in or attended that year’s Parts Canada Trans Can at Walton Raceway. Value $1,000.00


The SEO & Content Marketing Scholarship

The SEO & Content Marketing Scholarship is a highly competitive award for high school and college students interested in SEO and content marketing. Unlike most scholarships which simply require good luck to win, the scholarship puts the tools for winning in your hands by judging your entry on your ability to appreciate and explain genius marketing!
Deadline: December 15, 2016   Learn more


The Robert E. Oliver Award

Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) is the industry's not-for-profit self-regulatory body committed to maintaining community confidence in advertising. ASC awards one $1500 scholarship annually to a full-time post-secondary student who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, enrolled in an undergraduate Advertising and/or Marketing program at a Canadian college and is committed to pursuing a career in advertising or marketing in Canada. Upon completing the application, please return to your Program Coordinator. Please see attachment for full details and requirements.

Deadline: February 25, 2017   Learn more


Royal Canadian Legion Ontario Command Bursary Assistance Program - $500

This bursary program is designed to assist students entering or pursuing their postsecondary education, including courses and programs of a technical and vocational nature, outside of and beyond secondary school. Approved bursary assistance is not based upon scholastic standing but rather on the successful admission status to a postsecondary institution or successful completion of one or more years leading to a recognized degree, diploma or certificate.
Application forms are available from the Canadore College Financial Aid Office.

Note: This opens in September of each year and closes on the last Friday of March.


Runabees Scholarship

Students are to choose a topic in the area of running, fitness or sports which interests them and write a 800-1,000 word essay.

Deadline: April 15, 2017   Learn more


The Runnerclick Sports & Academic Scholarship Program

The scholarship is open to all your full-time students, as well as to high school seniors that you may have awarded acceptance letters for the 2017 academic year. All applicants will get a chance to win $2000 that will be used to cover academic expenses including, but not limited to, tuition fees, books, laptops, and other equipment. The three winners with the best applications will be selected and awarded $2000 each to cover the aforementioned expenses. 

Deadline: April 30, 2017   Learn more


Sole Door Cooking Scholarship

We want your text! Send us your story between 1000 and 2000 words about cooking recipes or tips in which you emphasize the importance of a healthy diet and promote a healthy lifestyle through cooking. Keep in mind that your story must impress us enough so we are forced to give you the prize. We are looking for original and creative papers that strive with interest and burst with positive energy. Speak up and let us enjoy your inner voice!

Deadline: June 30, 2017   Learn more


NOTE: The list of scholarships and bursaries was accurate at time of publishing. Canadore College reserves the right to modify or revoke awards without prior notice.