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Transfer Credit Application FAQ


How to apply for a credit transfer
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What is a Transfer Credit?

A transfer credit is an academic credit earned at a post-secondary institution other than Canadore College.


Is there a minimum grade required to apply for a transfer credit?

To be considered for transfer, external courses must have a final grade of 60% or “C” or higher.


What is the application deadline?

The deadline for submission of credit transfer applications is 15 business days prior to the beginning of each semester.


The deadline for the Winter 2014 semester is December 4, 2013.


  • Only complete packages are to be submitted. Incomplete packages (i.e. missing full course outlines) will not be accepted.
  • Application packages must be received by the Admissions Office.


What happens if I submit my application after the deadline?

Application received after the deadline will be processed in order of submission.  There is no guarantee that late submissions will be processed prior to the start of the following semester.


How much does the application cost?

Fees apply to the transfer of non-Canadore credits only. The fee for the assessment of one transfer credit is $25.00.  The fee for two or more transfer credits is $50.00.  Fees are payable at the time of application submission.


How do I pay for my application?

Payments can be made:

a)      In person at the Canadore College Admissions Office

b)      Through your student Self Service account (under “student account”)

c)      Through online banking (your account # is your student #)


What are the admission requirements for advanced standing & credit transfer?

Program admission requirements are the same for all students.  Advanced standing will be evaluated by the program coordinator on a case by case basis.

What courses previously completed can be considered towards the GED requirement for a program?

All Canadore GED course codes may be applied towards a program’s “elective” general education courses without transfer.

Courses from your prior education may be applied towards the “elective” general education component of your program. You may qualify for a GED equivalency if:

  1. Your program has “elective” general education courses.
  2. The course meets the minimum requirements for transfer (60% +, eligible institution).
  3. The course is unrelated to the core content of your program.
  4. The course fits into one of the MTCU general education themes:
  • (GED001)  Arts in Society 
  • (GED002)  Civic Life
  • (GED003)  Societal & Cultural Understanding
  • (GED004)  Personal Understanding
  • (GED005)  Science and Technology

Elective general education courses will be assessed and coded according to the general education themes GED001 through GED005.


How many transfer credits can I receive towards my program?

Students may receive transfer credit or prior learning assessment credits for up to 75% of their prescribed Canadore College program curriculum.


How will the credit appear on my transcript?

The credit will be entered as “TC” on your transcript. Transfer credits do not have any value towards your final program GPA.


What do I do once I’ve been notified of my application outcome?

If notified of a transfer credit approval:

  1. Submit a completed drop form immediately for courses which appear in your current semester schedule, and
  2. Submit a drop form during the first week of the applicable semester for courses which occur in subsequent semesters.


If notified of a denial of transfer credit: Complete the class.

My transfer credit was denied.  What can I do?

The application outcome is not subject to appeal.